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Our mission is to provide consular assistance to Angolan citizens residing in Zambia and we have the authority to grant entry visas to Angola on behalf of Zambian citizens and citizens of other countries residing in Zambia.

Angola a country full of opportunities
and breathtaking beauty.


Our Latest News

Emirates announces MORE TWO Frequencies

The Emirates Repos Two weekly flights between Luanda and Dubai, guaranteeing five weekly flights between ...

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National Geographic Seeks New Species

A Research Team of the magazine and National Geographic Television Channel, Integrated by ...

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Petroleum Tax Rules CAN Attract Investors

The British consulting firm IMC Research, Associated with Fitch Ratings, considered Yesterday ...

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British Airways leaves Angola

British Airways will stop flying to Angola, announced this Wednesday, May 23, a ...

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TPA Vivo

Keep up to date with all Angolan affairs and Palope the whole world.

TPA is the national broadcaster of the South African State of Angola. It also operates an international TPA International channel. TPA is headquartered in the capital Luanda and broadcasts in Portuguese. The international channel broadcasts selected shows aimed at foreign audiences and the Angolan community abroad.
TPA1 is currently the only state broadcaster in Angola after the arrival of private TV channels Zimbo and Palanca TV and the privatization of TPA2.


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The Embassy of Angola is pleased to inform the public that the new online visa service is now available. Quick and easy to use.
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  • Our Diplomatic Mission

    Our highly qualified diplomatic team is here to help assist Angolan citizens throughout the governmental process.

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    Message from Her Excellency

    A Senhora Balbina M. Dias da Silva

    I have the great honor to present our complements through the address of this website. Our mission at the Embassy of the Republic of Angola in Zambia is to articulate and implement the Angolan foreign policy and facilitate interaction with the international community for the realization of Angolan interests in Zambia and other countries of accreditation.
    We, as the Embassy of Angola in Zambia, are responsible for strengthening political, economic, cultural and social relations between Angola and Zambia and other countries of accreditation.

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    Her Excellency


    A Senhora Balbina M. Dias da Silva

    Factual information about our country

    Angola, a country located in southwestern Africa. A large country, Angola takes in a wide variety of landscapes, including the semidesert "Skeleton Coast," the sparsely populated tropical rainforest, the hilly highlands of the south, the exclave of Cabinda in the north, and densely populated cities and cities of the north coast and valleys of the north-central rivers. The capital and commercial center is Luanda, a large port city on the north coast that combines Portuguese style colonial landmarks with traditional African housing styles and modern industrial complexes.

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